How to troubleshoot Virtual memory allocation failure in Informatica

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Your informatica mapping failed, and in the session log you see the error message


FATAL ERROR : Failed to allocate memory. Out of virtual memory

FATAL ERROR : Aborting the DTM process due to memory allocation failure.


Try the following :


1. The bare mimimum to run informatica is 4GB, try upgrading the server


2. Increase the DTM Buffer in the properties of the failed session in the failed workflow


3. Check if space is available on the server where informatica is installed or where your lookup cache directory name is found $PMCacheDIR


4. If you have many lookups, try decrease the lookup data cache size


  1. I tried increasing the dtm buffer size but even though it is showing the same, remvoed all file from cache directory, making free more than 4 GB of data, I don have lookups in my session, it is direct table to XML target

    1. How much memory do you have on your Informatica server?


Thank you for your comments