Do you use Cloud Storage?

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We use laptops, pen drives, hard disk to store information but very often the storage devices are not enough. Recently, a new service known as cloud storage data has surfaced out that makes life much easier. Simply put, Cloud Storage is a unique online service that provides the ability to store files on a remote server. That is, the user can download the document at any online store in the future and use it directly from the server. From the point of view of the customer, all transactions are done in one place, the so-called "cloud." In fact, however, the remote server is most often located in different places, and sometimes on different continents. But this does not hamper the work of cloud services, since the speed depends on the client. More specifically, the speed of the Internet connection on the client. With Cloud Services, you can safely store you files, photos, videos and access to them at any time and even share with your friends and families.

From the most famous and popular cloud services can be noted Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, SugarSync, Google Drive. . All of these services, you can use free of charge, but free use of the volume of your allocated space is limited. Many services are offered for free use 5GB. However, if you need to store more than that,  some services (Google Drive, SugarSync) suggest an increase in the volume of your cloud space for a small amount. All the detailed conditions you can see on the official websites of these services.


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