Using Business Service Simulator to test Siebel Web Services

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1. In function Create_XML_File(eScript), do the following:

a. Comment the following line: BS_XML.InvokeMethod("WriteEAIMsg", input_PS, BS_XML_Output);

b. Include/Uncomment the following line: BS_XML.InvokeMethod("WritePropSet", input_PS, BS_XML_Output);

2. As an example, consider the web service WESM01SI, with the following Integration object structure as input argument:











For the above structure, the input to be passed to the business service simulator, is the following:


< AnyName2>

                  < AnyName3>

                                               <INPUT_PARAM OPERATION_TYPE="UPD" FFID="3186140" CONTACT_ROW_ID="1-KT6U4" PREFERRED_LANGUAGE="Chinese">

                                                             <PHONE PHONE_NUMBER="8888888" PHONE_ROW_ID="1-L42IJ"></PHONE>

                                                             <PHONE PHONE_NUMBER="9999999" PHONE_ROW_ID="Insert"></PHONE>


                              </ AnyName3>

             </ AnyName2>

</ AnyName1>

a. The items highlighted in yellow, are the actual data being passed as input argument.

b. The tags highlighted in green, can have any name.

c. Create the above structure manually in notepad and save with xml extension

d. Load same in Business Service Simulator as argument to the web service and run the web service.


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