SEO Strategy - High Page ranks websites to get backlinks

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Here I list 13 web sites which have a page rank higher in which you can post your content, create your profile and place a link to your site . We know in advance that the strategy of building links will help in two ways, better positioning and ranking in search engines and of course more traffic.
Upload videos and post your link in your profile.
This is one of my favorites. Build your glasses and you can add links to your website, embed YouTube videos and Flickr photos.
Another site like Squidoo. You can put links to your site in the content you create here.
The most popular news ranking site. If you have good blog posts you can post them here. If your article goes to the homepage, you can get thousands of links, as well as hundreds of thousands of visitors for some time.
Questions and answers to other questions later. You can post links to your website in your answers.
Create an account on this network, utliza a keyword and post your link in your profile.
This site places a link on your Profile page.
Here you add your blog and add a link to your site and every time I publish an article on your home page will be updated Blogowogo.
On this site you can post and share photos, articles, links, music and videos. Just place a link pointing to your website in the profile page.
Here you can find many websites and can share with your friends. You can also add your site, as well as individual pages.
On this site, you make an account and right there you can put a link to your site in the profile page.
Share everything you carry out online, on your site and you can link to your website from your profile page.
We all know this giant web, upload your videos and there in the description you're leaving a link to your site, the important thing is the link, not so much the length of the video.

Boosterblog is a blog directory where you can also put a link. This site is visited.


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